Carros Mazatlan and Tabu Ultra Club, Culiacan

Imagine that you are sitting in your hotel room on your carros Mazatlan trip and you are trying to figure out what you want to do for the night. You think about going to a restaurant for some appetizers and chatting with your friends but you don't really feel like eating. You and your girlfriends consider renting a movie on the television and just staying in and relaxing for the night. But you don't really feel like doing that either. You are in Mexico on vacation and you don't want to waste a night staying in your hotel room. So what can you do? You could go check out the Dancing Fountains display of a colorful light show timed to musical songs for entertainment. But you decide against that as well. Perhaps you would like to go to a club for some dancing and great music on your night out on the town. If this is what you feel like doing on your upcoming carros Mazatlan trip, then check out Tabu Ultra Club in Culiacan, Mexico.

Dance fever
Tabu Ultra is a popular discotheque in Mexico that has some of the hippest DJs around. People of all ages love to come here to check out the latest songs and dance up a storm on the dance floor. It has state-of-the-art technology, optimal advances and acoustics for a softer feel. Located in the Plaza Inn hotel, this club has some of the best live music nights around. It is extremely popular among the younger ages, but as stated before, anyone is welcome and people of all ages do come to check it out. Tabu Ultra is one of the favorites in town so be sure to stop by and have a drink or two on your future carros Mazatlan vacation.

Grab some grub
The Tabu Ultra Club is among one of the favorite clubs in the area. People love to come here to socialize with other people their age and to simply have a fun night out in Mexico. You can also come to Tabu Ultra for some food if you are feeling hungry. Perhaps after a long day of traveling or sightseeing you may want to come in and have a drink to take the edge off. Tabu is the perfect place for that because the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. The service is quick and pleasant and if you're there with your friends, you are bound to have a great time. Come in and stay a while when you are passing by on your future carros Mazatlan vacation.

A great spot for night hawks
If you are wondering where you can find this club, it is located inside of the Plaza Inn Hotel and Convention Center in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. This club is the real flavor of the night and is a huge hit for visitors and even various local groups. It's a great place to come if you want to test out your dance moves or refresh yourself with a cool drink. If you want to meet people then come and check out the social scene because Tabu Ultra attracts numerous amounts of people every night. Tabu has a nice atmosphere with great music and fun people so be sure to come here for one of your nights out in Mexico. Make sure that your carros Mazatlan trip is one that you will never forget by visiting Tabu. Tabu Ultra Club is open daily from 8pm-2am so make sure to get some friends together and stop by for a fun night that you may (or may not) always remember.

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