AGA Rental Car Mazatlan and Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas

Finger-licking good food is waiting for you at the Loro de Oro Inn thanks to the popular Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas restaurant. The menu at Lucy's is overflowing with traditional Mexican dishes, including fan favourites like tacos, enchiladas, brochetas and pozole. Satisfying your hunger is easy at Te Amo Lucy's, so go ahead and enjoy some good eats during your upcoming AGA Rental Car Mazatlan vacation. Make a reservation at Te Amo Lucy's today.

Find a new friend in Lucy
The hostess at Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas is the one and only Lucy herself. Born in Mexico City, Lucy has been a resident of Mazatlan for over 20 years. An enterprising woman, Lucy operates her own clothing design and fabrication business alongside her popular Te Amo restaurant. Lucy treats each and every one of her guests with heartfelt kindness, so don't be afraid to stop and chat with her before ordering your meal. Customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan can't help but fall in love with this lively lady, but don't take our word for it. Simply drop into Te Amo Lucy's today for an afternoon of friendly conversation and satisfying food.

Enjoy the ambiance at Te Amo Lucy's
Customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan will have no trouble relaxing inside Te Amo Lucy's restaurant, thanks to its eclectic decor and colourful furnishings. At Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas you have the choice of dining in one of two fantastic locations. If you'd like to enjoy the sun's dying rays, AGA Rental Car Mazatlan recommends dining on Te Amo Lucy's outdoor front patio. Alfresco dining is ever so refreshing on this patio, thanks to the old Cantera fountain that flows beneath the live bamboo privacy fencing. Can't take the heat any longer? Than slip into Te Amo Lucy's air conditioned dining room for a more comfortable dining experience. Customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan will be treated to stunning views of the Loro de Oro Inn's lush tropical courtyard and the adjoining pool.

Weekly specials that will make your mouth water
Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas features a new special every week, providing customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan with a medley of exciting flavours and textures. Lucy personally announces the specials at the beginning of each week, so be sure to drop by on Sundays for more details. Lucy prepares her special dishes with recipes that have been handed down from her 92 year old mother, so come prepared for authentic cuisine. Lucy also features Guest Chefs once per month, providing local chefs with an opportunity to show off their kitchen talents. Past offerings have includes Monster Quesadillas, Steak Arrachera, Vampiros and Sopa de Tortilla.

Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan can enjoy a meal at Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas restaurant morning, noon and night. Winter restaurant hours are from 8am to 2pm and 5pm to 11pm between the months of October and April. Summer dining hours are from 9am to 4pm and 5pm to 10pm between the months of April and October. Te Amo Lucy's is closed on Mondays, but is open the remaining 6 days of the week.

Visit Lucy today
Customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan will find the Loro de Oro Inn and Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria y Mas at Constitucion 622 in the Centro Historico District of Mazatlan. To get there, simply drive a half block east of the Plazuela Machado. The Inn is located between Carnaval & Benito Juarez. For more information, customers of AGA Rental Car Mazatlan can contact the Loro de Oro Inn at 011-52-669-982-89-96. (If you're calling from the US, AGA recommends dialling the Inn's California phone number at 1-714-369-8205).

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