Cheap Mexico Car Rental and Teacapan

Make the most of your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental vacation with a quick road trip to the beautiful town of Teacapan. Located just 61 miles from Mazatlan, Teacapan provides visitors with a peaceful place to escape. Known for its lagoons, mangroves and estuaries, the Teacapan is impressive at anytime of the year. It's easy to fall in love with nature all over again at the Teacapan, so why wait? Bask in the beauty of northwest Mexico's largest estuary zone today.

Find tranquility in Teacapan
A new sense of serenity awaits cheap Mexico car rental travelers in Teacapan. From the sights to the sounds, this estuary zone is impossible to forget. Over 93 miles of mangroves and lagoons await you at the Teacapan, not to mention thousands of exotic birds and tropical flowers. You won't find a calmer vacation destination this close to Mazatlan, so what's holding you back? Thousands of tourists have uncovered the treasures of the Teacapan already; and now it's your turn.

See the Teacapan from a number of different angles
Cheap Mexico car rental travelers can enjoy the Teacapan's rich tourist offerings from a number of vantage points. Tourist services abound in this tropical zone, providing you and your travel mates with non-stop entertainment. Tour options in the Teacapan include biking, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers can also enjoy the scenery from the deck of a bay boat. These unique tour options will take you deep into the Teacapan's palm forests and beneath the waves of the beautiful bay, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Tours are offered daily in the Teacapan, so remember to reserve your adventure today.

The fish are always biting here
Experienced anglers are always excited to fish the Teacapan, and now you can be too. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will enjoy luxurious fishing opportunities in Teacapan, thanks to the fertile lagoons, estuaries and sheltered bays. Deep sea and bottom fishing are especially popular in the Teacapan, so remember to reserve your spot on a fishing vessel today. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find everything from Marlin and Dorado to Red Snapper and Sail Fish in the waters of Teacapan, so come prepared for a wonderful fishing experience.

Unique attractions make this tropical environment even more captivating

Once in the Teacapan you'll be amazed at the natural brilliance of the surrounding forests and waterways. Popular attractions in Teacapan include:

• A seashell pyramid: This stunning architectural creation was recently discovered along the shores of the Teacapan. Locals believe that it was built by Indians hundreds of years ago. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are encouraged to ask a local guide for more information on this peculiar local landmark.
• Bird Island: If you can manage to pull yourself away from the beauty of Teacapan, AGA Rent A Car highly recommends catching a tour boat to the neighbouring Island of Birds. Dozens of different bird species call this island home, including Pelicans, Storks, Seagulls and Pink Herons. But that's not all. While on the boat, cheap Mexico car rental travelers could glimpse Dolphins, Whales and Sea Lions (depending on the season).
• Three million palm trees: Palm trees dot the Teacapan for as far as the eye can see, making it a magnificent natural landmark. Some of these palms are decades old, shading the ground with enormous canopies of fronds. Nothing beats the heat of a Teacapan afternoon like an hour beneath one of these majestic giants, so why wait? Grab a cool drink and forget your worries beneath a Teacapan palm tree today.

The Teacapan can easily be found by cheap Mexico car rental travelers. Simply pack up your car and head to the Escuinapa in the south portion of the Sinaloa State.

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