El Teatro Angela Peralta and Mazatlan Car Hire

El Teatro Angela Peralta, or the Angela Peralta Theater, is a restored movie theater that you can visit with your Mazatlan car hire. It is used for music recitals, folk dance, ballet, and theater performances. During the day, you can also explore the theater from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Site history
El Teatro Angela Peralta was started in 1869. It has been used as an opera house, movie theater, boxing arena. A some points in time, it was also forgotten. In 1992, the theater was reopened as a historical theater and is open daily for tours when you visit with your Mazatlan car hire.

An introduction to Mazatlan
Mazatlan was once a small resort town, but is now a popular beach destination. It is a beach-front city with a colonial district that is just a shirt walk from the beach. The Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone, is where you will find many of the tourists attractions. In the old town, you will find a number of restored cultural centers and stores. When you visit with your Mazatlan car hire, you may learn that the area was once populated by the Totorames, a hunting and gathering society. The traditional town dates from the 19th century, but it wasn't until the 1930s that tourists began to arrive. In the 1950s, some hotels appeared along the beach. By the 1970s, tourism here was booming and still is today.

Things to entertain in Mazatlan
When you visit with your Mazatlan car hire, you probably want to do more than just lounge around on the beach. Mazatlan has a number of things to keep you busy, both on and off the beach. Coliseo's Disco Forum is a huge club that brings huge crowds and some of the best DJs to the area. If you want to dance the night away, this is a great place to come. For a little bit more of a relaxed destination, try Edgar's Bar, which has been around since 1949. Karaoke, tequila, and giant shrimp in buckets - what more could you want? On top of that, the sign on the door says women are welcome! Fiesta Land is one of the most popular night spots in the Golden Zone. With three floors, it is a mix of hip-hop and Latin music. They are open after 2 a.m. when many other bars start to close.

Sites to be seen
When you visit with your Mazatlan car hire, there are many places to visit. Acuario Mazatlan is one of the largest aquariums in Mexico with 52 tanks holding 250 species of fish. There are diving and bird shows daily at 10:30, noon, and 3:00. Casa Machado is a 19th century house that is known for its French and Austrian furniture. The most dramatic part of the Old Town is the 19th century cathedral. Its twin towers rise along the cityscape. There are also local cliffs where clavadistas dive. Although not as famous as their counterparts in Acapulco, there are performances usually at lunch and late in the afternoon. Tips are expected. At the south end of the peninsula, you will find El Faro, which is said to be the second highest lighthouse in the world, after the one at Gibraltar. Climbing up here is worth the view of the city and coast.

Out on the water
There are a number of islands along Mazatlan that you can visit when you leave your Mazatlan car hire behind. The Isla de la Piedra is a picturesque the area because of the sandy beaches and coconut groves. Thatched-roof restaurants will serve your hunger. At certain times of the year, you can see whales along the coast form some of the islands. They are also great places for snorkelling.

When you visit Mazatlan with your Mazatlan car hire, there is more than beaches and fun in the sun! The Angela Peralta Theater is a historical part of the city that you can either tour during the day or catch a show in the evening.

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