Car Hire Mexico and The Templo Mayor

The Templo Mayor, or Great Temple, is the main temple of the Aztec capital of Tenochtilan, which is today Mexico City. When you visit with your car hire Mexico, you can visit this incredible piece of ancient history that has been preserved.

See an ancient wonder
He Templo Mayor rose 197 feet above the city, surmounted by dual shrines to the gods Huitzilopochtli (god of war and sun) and Tlaloc (god of rain and fertility). It was mostly destroyed in 1521 with the conquest of the Aztec empire by the Spanish conquistadores. Remains of the lower temple were discovered by modern archaeologists under Mexico City. There were other small buildings and platforms associated with the temple around the base and there is evidence that it was enlarged several times, up until 1487. When you visit with your car hire Mexico you can see some of the remains of this great temple.

Learn about the Aztecs
According to Aztec sources, Templo Mayor was built where it is because an eagle was seen perched on a cactus devouring a snake, fulfilling a prophecy. Construction began sometime after 1325 AD and continued for two centuries. When the Spanish invaded in 1521, it was the centre of religious life and the city had a population of 300,000. The Temple was lost until an Aztec carving was found in 1978. When you visit with your car hire Mexico you will have an opportunity to learn more about these ancient people.

Experience life as an Aztec
Templo Mayor had win temples on its summit. The two gods that it was built for were frequently appeased by human sacrifices, which took place on the high alter of the pyramid. The victim would be placed face up on a block of volcanic stone and killed with an obsidian knife. The body would then be thrown down the long staircase. A carved round stone was on the lower platform of the pyramid, where you can now visit the museum with your car hire Mexico. It depicted severed limbs of the Aztec moon goddess, which according to Aztec mythology, was killed by her brother because she killed their mother. The goddess would rule at night, but died at the dawn of day, slain by the sun god. When you visit with your car hire Mexico you can see some of the site, but most of the Templo Mayorartifacts are displayed at the museum site. This museum displays the variety and splendour of the Aztec Empire, with all 6000 pieces in the museum coming from the ruins just in front of the museum. Some of the notable pieces found in the temple include the Wall of Skulls, which a panel made of rows of human skulls covered with stucco, two life-size clay statues of Aztec warriors dressed in eagle costumes, and a stone eagle which symbolizes the god Huitzilopochtli, into wich the hearts of sacrificial victims were placed. There is also a cutaway model of the temple that shows the layers and methods of construction.

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