Mazatlan Car Rental and Tepic Overview

Walking the streets of Tepic, you'll see colorful roadways filled with smiling people and interesting places. Away from the tourist hubbub is hidden the charming city of Tepic. Surrounded by miles of traditional agriculture including sugarcane, tobacco, and fruit, you'll find the drive to the city of Tepic pleasing to each of your senses. Watch the rolling hills, feel the warm Mexican sun on your skin, and smell the sweet sugarcane as you drive your Mazatlan car rental to Tepic. Founded in 1542, Tepic has a population of approximately 300,000 people and is the capital of the Mexican state, Nayarit. Explore Tepic's historic sectors and immerse yourself into true Mexican culture as you enjoy your Mazatlan car rental excursion to Tepic.

Get your camera ready and snap a few pictures
Day one, we suggest seeing the sights. Climb into your Mazatlan car rental and explore every corner of Tepic. This warm and welcoming city has a wealth of sightseeing, shopping, and dining alternatives. Explore the grounds and take a few photos of the Palacio de Gobierno and Cathedral of the Purisima Concepcion de Maria. Both early structures in the city, they are tops on any sightseeing tour.

If you are fluent in Spanish, or have been brushing up on key words, get off the beaten path and visit a museum in Tepic. The Amado Nervo Museum, Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, and the Casa de la Cultura are all excellent choices. The Regional Museum of Anthropology and History is especially worth a look. Absolutely free to enter, this museum is worth the trip even if you don't read Spanish.

Climb into your Mazatlan car rental and drive
The beauty of the Tepic region is not only in the historic streets, rather; it is also hidden outside of the city. Climb into your Mazatlan car rental and take a short drive away from Tepic. Twisting and turning through kilometers of agricultural lands, you'll have the opportunity to purchase and try local treats including fresh fruits and sugarcane products. As well, within a few minutes from the city center, you'll find the now extinct Sanganguey volcano. Sanganguey features excellent hiking and photography opportunities surrounding the Crater Lake. If you're a nature lover or you want to hang ten, head for the coast. Only a short drive from Tepic in your Mazatlan car rental, you'll find the Pacific Coast and outstanding surfing, snorkeling, and bird watching opportunities. The best nearby beach is at San Blas, which is approximately 60 kilometers from Tepic.

Keep your favorite red shirt at home
As an off the beaten path destination, Tepic is best visited by those wishing to experience the Mexican way of life. There is no better way to experience Mexico, than by visiting a soccer match or an event at the local bullring. Park your Mazatlan car rental vehicle and stay a while. With several smaller soccer stadiums, taking in a game is a popular activity for locals. As well, the city features its very own bullring where matadors frequently display their skill and bravery.

Other things to consider when visiting Tepic
• Try the cuisine! Mexico is famous for its colorful and flavorful food, and the traditional restaurants in Tepic are no exception. A meal can typically be purchased for an affordable price.
• Brush up on your Spanish. Since Tepic is not a typical tourist destination, not as many people in the city speak English. It is therefore important to pick up at least basic Spanish words before embarking on your Mazatlan car rental adventure.
• Bring your sunscreen. Wherever you visit in Mexico, you're likely to need some sunscreen. As a country that nears the equator, Mexico is consistently hot. Bring sunscreen and a hat to avoid an annoying and painful burn.

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