AGA Rental Car Mazatlan and the Thai Bar, Acapulco

Immerse yourself into one of Acapulco's most legendary bars. The Thai Bar, formerly One Dollar Bar, offers a mix of traditional Mexican style with a contemporary flare. Centrally located in the world famous Golden Zone, the Thai Bar features an excellent layout to socialize, live music, and cheap drinks. On your next AGA rental car Mazatlan vacation, stop into Acapulco's Thai Bar.

Party under the stars
Feel a warm sea breeze on your face as you party the night away at Thai Bar. If you look up, you'll likely see the big dipper and other constellations dotting the ‘ceiling' of the Thai Bar. The Thai Bar is one of Mexico's finest open-air establishments. Drink, dance, and dine under the stars at the Thai Bar. When you travel with AGA rental car Mazatlan, stop at this beach side bar. If you sit on the beach side of the bar, you can take in scenic views of Acapulco Bay, and cool off in the sea breeze. On your way home, relive this unique feeling by rolling down the windows in your AGA rental car Mazatlan vehicle.

Feel young again at the Thai Bar
Whether you're young in age or just at heart, the Thai Bar will help you relive the best days of your life. Sing along to modern day hits played by the Thai Bars skilled house band. Located on La Condesa, the bar is only steps away from many of Acapulco's best discos. If you're looking to step your party up a notch, head down to disco beach and keep your night going until the early morning hours. When you travel with AGA rental car Mazatlan, you're never far from another great spot.

Meet your new best friend
Strike up a conversation and meet a new lifelong friend. The layout at the Thai Bar is perfect for socializing and meeting new people. Filled with a young and diverse crowd, the Thai Bar offers ample seating and an open concept. After a long conversation and a couple of cold drinks, it is time to hit the dance floor. Groove to the sound of the Thai Bars band and bust a move on the dance floor. The band typically plays rock, 80's music, some Latin favorites, and a few top 40 hits. AGA rental car Mazatlan reminds you to drink responsibly. Get yourself and your new friend's home safely by choosing a designated driver.

Did you say no cover charge?
That's right, in a town filled with $20-$60 cover charges just to enter the club; Thai Bar is free to enter. Once you're inside, the atmosphere is electric and the drinks are cheap. Think of the money you'll save by traveling with AGA rental car Mazatlan and by spending your night at the Thai Bar. Don't waste money when you could be spending it on delicious drinks and food. As a traveler, you probably have a budget, so plan to travel with AGA rental car Mazatlan and visit the Thai Bar.

Where is the One Dollar Bar?
Many people who visit Acapulco will ask where the famous One Dollar Bar is. Not to worry, if you're standing in the Thai Bar, you've found One Dollar Bar. After a few years of redesign, Thai Bar reopened with a similar layout, style, and approach as its predecessor, One Dollar Bar. One Dollar Bar was a favorite hot spot for AGA rental car Mazatlan customers, and Thai Bar is quickly picking up where One Dollar Bar left off. Dance, sing, and talk with friends at the Thai Bar. The next time you visit Acapulco with AGA rental car Mazatlan, visit the Thai Bar and relive the legacy built by the One Dollar Bar.

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