Mexico Rental Car and The Fairmont Acapulco Princess Resort

As you sit alone in your tower, awaiting the arrival of your price, you look out over the beautiful oceans that surround you. The exterior of this building is where you want to be, out in the gorgeous sunshine and the fresh blue waters. There is only one problem, though. You are locked inside your castle and the only person who can rescue you is your prince. You are being guarded by a fire-eating dragon and the tower is too high to jump from, so you have no way of escaping. You hear a ruckus behind you and turn around to see your prince charming slaying the dragon that so carefully watches over you. It is all such a fairy tale and now you get to leave this place forever and be with the one you really love. Does this sound like a story right out of a book, Mexico car rental customers? Maybe this won't exactly happen on your trip, but you will get the chance to live like a prince or princess if you stay at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Resort.

Make it your home away from home
People from all over the world come to this fantastic resort for a little bit of rest and relaxation. There is an array of amazing scenery, from beaches to Pacific seas to jungles. There are numerous restaurants that are a must-do before you leave and some nightclubs that will really get your blood flowing. This 480 acre area is only 20 minutes from downtown and only a few minutes from various gardens, pools and golf courses to suit all of your traveling needs. Come check out this luxurious and graceful getaway on your Mexico car rental vacation.

Stretch out in your spacious bed
The accommodations at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Resort are classically beautiful with the architecture resembling a historic Mexican style. There are 1017 rooms and suites in this hotel and they are scattered throughout three different buildings inspired by Aztec design. Each room has its own terrace with a view of the Pacific Ocean, the gardens or the golf course. Also in each room you receive a large bathroom, cable TV and comfortable beds. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the waterfalls that surround the hotel. Come and enjoy a lovely stay at this hotel on your upcoming Mexico car rental trip.

Play for a hole in one
There are a number of recreational activities that you can engage in once you arrive at the hotel. You can catch some rays in the sun at the beach or you can capture a glimpse of the Sierra Madre Mountains on a walk along the nature trails. At night, the clubs come alive and people will party all the way into the early hours of the morning. You can get a refreshing facial at the Willow Stream Spa, play a few holes of golf or pick up some great keepsakes as you go shopping around downtown. There is so much to do that you should probably get started the moment you arrive, Mexico car rental vacationers.

Chow down
After all of this rigorous activity, you will surely be hungry for some delicious food. This is not a problem because you can have your choice of international specialty dishes at one of the restaurants at the Fairmont. You can enjoy a quiet meal on the Veranda or La Hacienda. You may want to try the buffet at Chula Vista or just sip on a couple of cocktails at the Laguna Bar. The menu is diverse and the ambiance is classy but comfortable. Check out what the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Resort has to offer on your future Mexico car rental voyage.

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