Car Rental in Mazatlan and Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Feel the warm sun on your skin and dive into the clear blue ocean waters. Mexico is world famous for its beautiful countryside and tropical climate. However, just as in any other country, there are things you must known to make your trip run smoothly. The next time you travel with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan, follow these tips to make your vacation enjoyable and stress free.

Tips for Driving with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan
Although International Driver's permits are not required in Mexico, they are suggested. While driving throughout Mexico is relatively easy, it is suggested to acquire a permit from your country's government. In Canada and the United States, International Driver's permits can be obtained from your local automobile association. For more information regarding driving in Mexico, feel free to contact AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan.

When is the best time to visit Mexico?
When you travel with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan, it's always a good time to visit Mexico. The most popular time to visit Mexico is between December and April, while the slow season is from May until November. Temperatures are usually above 80 degrees. If you're looking for the best weather, avoid the rainy season, which typically runs from June through October. Although the Pacific Coast of Mexico is less affected, June to October is also Mexico's hurricane season. Spend some time to research Mexico's climate before making your reservation with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan.

Swim don't drink
When traveling in Mexico with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan, remember one simple rule, swim in the water but don't drink it. Mexico features scenic beaches that are popular with tourists. However, when you're thirsty and looking for a refreshing drink, choose bottled water over tap water. Mexico has made large steps in providing safe drinking water over the past decade, especially in tourist regions, but it is still suggested to drink only bottled water. AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan wants you to have the best trip of your life, so remember, swim don't drink.

Show me the money
One of the greatest concerns for most AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan customers is currency. Mexico uses Pesos, which are easily acquired at your local bank in Canada, the US, or any other country. If you're traveling from abroad, Pesos can also be purchased in Mexican exchange houses, banks, or at your hotel. ATMs are available in most tourist locations. If you're looking to purchase travelers checks, AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan suggests buying your travelers checks in US dollars.

Other tips for traveling with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan
• Take a Spanish class before you depart. In most tourist destinations, almost everyone speaks English. However, if you're traveling off the beaten path with AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan, take a beginners Spanish class first. Bridging the language barrier will help you easily navigate through Mexico.
• Never travel alone. Although most regions in Mexico are completely safe, you should still travel with a companion.
• Dress Appropriately. Mexico has a tropical climate that can get very hot. Wear comfortable clothes such as sandals and a t-shirt to the beach. At night, it is the norm to dress up when going to a restaurant or discotheque.
• Always carry your passport and a copy of your identification. There are numerous reasons to carry your identification with you, and this is a wise choice to make your trip stress free.
• Get good directions. When traveling through Mexico, maps are not the same as in many other countries. Before you depart from AGA Car Rental in Mazatlan, ask someone for proper directions to your destination.

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