Tips for visiting Mazatlán

There are many urban legends, rumors, and lies about visiting Mexico, but there are also some good tips. What should you know about your visit to Mexico? Here are some tips specifically for visiting the northeast portion of the country with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico.

Can I drink the water?
While you are visiting with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico you need to be careful about what water you drink. The hotels in the Golden Zone say they have purified water, and chances are by drinking it you will be ok. But elsewhere you will only want to drink bottled water. It is better to be on the safe side and only drink bottled water while you are here as you wouldn't want to get sick during your vacation. Another thing to be careful of is ice. Make sure you ask if they use purified water to make ice, and don't accept any ice that is not made with it.

How much do I tip?
Tipping is a sensitive subject when you are in your own culture, let alone another! The standard tip at a restaurant is 10-15%, but not at a taco stand or food cart. At bars and cantinas, it is about the same. If you leave your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico behind and take a cab, many tourists will tip what they would at home, while locals generally only tip if they are taking you on a sightseeing tour. Of course, you can give what you feel the driver/server/etc. deserves.

Where can I exchange money?
All banks are open during the week and some are open Saturday morning. There are also what are called "Casas de Cambio", which are places in the Golden Zone that exchange money. What is nice about these places is that they post their exchange rates, which you can see from driving around in your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico.

How can I call home without spending a fortune on my cell phone?
Rather than calling from your cell phone or hotel phone, you can purchase an AT&T calling card and use a pay phone in your hotel lobby. When you make a call, dial **01 to bypass the Mexican operator and you will connect directly with AT&T. Hotels can really rip you off, so a phone card is really your best bet.

How do I barter?
While you are on the beach in the Golden Zone or elsewhere in the city with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico you may do a little bartering for your purchases with vendors. Negotiating a price is expected here. When a price is given, the normal counter offer is half the price. After some back and forth, you will end up somewhere in the middle. Remember that these vendors are trying to feed themselves and their families, so try to have respect for that. There is no need to be rude!

Traveling in Mexico with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico can be a lot of fun if you understand the culture here!

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