Topolobampo Los Mochis

The state of Sinaloa has a characteristic feature that is unique in the region: agriculture. One of the reasons this activity is so fruitful in this area is because of the Fuerte River, which irrigates in the region of Los Mochis, which is found in northern Sinaloa. With your car rental Mazatlan Mexico, you can visit the port of Topolobampo only 14.9 miles from here. This port is one of the most famous in the Mexican Pacific for its fishing activities. Shrimp is the catch of the day here, and you too can experience it.
The area of Los Mochis began in the 19th century when a visionary named Albert K. Owen wanted to build an Utopian socialist society here. A civil engineer, he helped developed some of the infrastructure of the area. The community lasted 30 years, but eventually went into decline. In 1893, a businessman set up a sugar cane field and refinery, and the modern city here developed.

All aboard!
The port is connected to the northern Mexican states by the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad, or the Chepe. This railroad connects the Sinaloan Coast with the Sierra Tarahumara. Leaving behind your car rental Mazatlan Mexico to get on the train will give you great perspective of the region from an angle you may not be familiar with.
Some of the attractions in the region that you may want to take in include Plaza 27 de Septiembre, Parque Sinaloa, Ingenio Azucarero de los Mochis, and the Museo del Valle del Fuerte.

An ideal location
Topolobampo Bay has a wonderful landscape that should not be missed with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico. Across from the bay there is a sandbar where spectacular beaches can be found. Most of the activities here center around the ocean and enjoying it. In fact, you can take a ferry all the way to La Paz in Lower California from here.
Opposite the Sea of Cortez with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico there are long, flat beaches that are devoid of any rocks or hills. Here you can find solitude with the Pacific and the sanctuary for marine animals found here. Some of the animals that migrate here are seals, sea lions, and others, only 45 minutes by boat once you leave your car rental Mazatlan Mexico and hop on the boat.
Visiting Topolobampo in the Los Mochis region of Sinoala with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico is best seen by train or by sea. Topolobampo is the port in the region, one that is particularly known for its shrimp harvesting. Take a ferry over to one of the neighboring islands to experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortez and to see animals like sea lions in their natural habitat.
Also, train rides on the Chepe railroad will give you new perspective on the land in Los Mochis. From the window of your train, you will go through multiple towns for one of the most beautiful rides in Mexico.

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