Mazatlan car rental and Torreon Overview

Discover new things during your upcoming Mazatlan car rental vacation – plan a trip to Torreon, in the state of Coahuila. One of Mexico's most important economic and industrial centers, Torreon provides Mazatlan car rental travelers with a plethora of exciting attractions and amenities. There's something for every energy level in Torreon, from extreme dune buggy tours of the area dunes to peaceful meditation in the Zona del Silencio. The visit is well worth the drive, so gas up your Mazatlan car rental today and check it out.

Get extreme on the Bilbao Dunes
Want to enjoy an unforgettable experience during your upcoming Mazatlan car rental vacation? Then head to Torreon and the Bilbao Dunes for an intense outdoor adventure. The Bilbao Dunes are a natural phenomenon created by soil erosion. The result is a Sahara like landscape that has been used in many major American films. Located just 45 minutes outside of Torreon, the dunes are a popular destination for extreme buggy drivers and sand-duning (snowboarding, only on sand). Mazatlan car rental travelers are encouraged to visit this unique natural attraction, however be forewarned that the climate is extreme; ensure that you pack plenty of sun block, a hat and water.

Shhh you're entering the Zona del Silencio
There are few areas in the world that provoke as much scientific interest as the Zona del Silencio in Torreon, Mexico? This is because the area, which is located just outside of Torreon, is absolutely silent – not even a radio wave makes its way through the expanse. In general terms, the silence can be explained by the magnetic properties of the area. Many believe the silence is due to the zone's location between the 26th and 28th parallels (the Bermuda Triangle is located in a similar position and it too is a silent zone). Other areas like the Egyptian pyramids, Cape Canaveral and the sacred cities of Tibet share this property. Another popular theory has to do with the Zone's history – the entire location was previously covered by the Thetis Sea (evidence of this can be found in ancient fossils).

Plan to attend Torreon events
Torreon is home to a number of exciting annual events. If you're planning to visit the city during your upcoming Mazatlan car rental vacation, be sure to check and see if any of the following are taking place:

• Cotton Fair: Held in September, the Cotton Fair is a traditional festival of music, culture and entertainment. Bullfighting also takes place during this annual celebration at the Plaza de Toros inside the New Coliseum.
• Laguna DrumFest: Feel the rhythm during your upcoming Mazatlan car rental vacation to Torreon and plan to participate in the annual Laguna DrumFest. Held during the month of October, the DrumFest features some of the finest drummers in the nation, as well as special international guests. The first inaugural DrumFest took place in 2008 and included performances by Javier Barrera, Giovanni Figuerora and Absalom Ruiz. Drummers slated to perform at the 2009 festival include Marco Minneman, Johnny Rabb, Alex Gomez and Victor Loyo.

Look for the landmark
Torreon, Mexico is famous for a number of things, including the Cristo de las Noas. Standing 21.8 meters (71.5 feet) tall, it is the third tallest statue of Christ in Latin America. The two taller statues are Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Cristo de la Concordia in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Mazatlan car rental travelers will find the statue situation on top of a hill next to a Catholic church. The image of Jesus with his arms extended symbolizes the Catholic faith and the iron will of the Torreonenses.

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