Tourist Attractions

Of all the Mexican cities, Mazatlán is by far one of the best when it comes to interesting and amusing tourist attractions! From natural splendor to historical monuments, there's plenty to see in and around the city of Mazatlán, so be sure to keep a camera in that AGA Rent-A-Car Mazatlán car rental! If you thought Mazatlán was just another beautiful Mexican beach town, think again! Thanks to its rich history and enduring culture, Mazatlán has been able to distinguish itself from other Mexican locales, offering unique and extraordinary tourist areas.

The "Golden Zone"
La Zona Dorada is the place to be if you're a tourist in Mazatlán! Situated along the Avenue Camaron Sablo this strip of Mazatlán life contains everything a fun-seeking tourist could ever want or need! Here you'll find the most popular beaches, the best restaurants, the fanciest resorts and the coolest attractions including bowling alleys, nightclubs and much more! La Zona Dorada is also home to the largest and most recognizable Mazatlán tourist attrarction – Fiesta Land! If you're looking to party, Fiesta Land is definitely the place you want to be! Mazatlán nightlife has the reputation of being first rate, so why party anywhere else in Mexico! All of the bars and nightclubs in Mazatlán's Fiesta Land are located within walking distance of each other, creating a community of fun loving party-people! The Golden Zone is always grooving, so be sure to check it out in your Mazatlán car rental during the day; then, once the sun has set, leave your car keys at the hotel and get ready to party until dawn!

Unique Attractions
If you need to take a break from partying at Fiesta Land, don't worry, there's plenty more to explore here in Mazatlán! From museums to shopping; architecture to sailing, there are lots of interesting an exciting tourist activities to enjoy in this sunshiny city! If you're looking to get away from the crazy party-vibe of downtown Mazatlán look no further than a relaxing Stone Island Tour. Stone Island, or Isla de la Piedra is located at the southern end of the city, and is easily accessible thanks to two access sources. If you'd like to drive your Mazatlán car rental to Stone Island you can thanks to the international southbound highway, which connects the island to the mainland across a narrow strip of land. A Ferry is also available for those of you wishing to leave your Mazatlán car rental at the hotel, but note that it will cost you a few pesos to get on board! Tour companies also operate exclusive guided tours to the island, where horseback riding trails and beautiful beaches stretch as far as the eye can see! Fantastic restaurants are also available on the Isla de la Piedra along with plenty of romantic scenery. A variety of golf courses are in the works for this beautiful island, so don't forget to pack those irons!

Historical Attractions
If you're interested in learning a little bit about Mazatlán's extensive history, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests starting your vacation in Old Mazatlán. This area of the city possesses great charm, along with a variety of city treasures, often overlooked by the plethora of tourists who visit the city each year! In order to truly appreciate this wonderful section of the city it is recommended that you park your Mazatlán car rental and walk through the historic streets; this way you'll be able to catch all of the intense architectural detailing and vibrant color often missed from the interior of a vehicle. Must-see sites in Old Mazatlán include the Cathedral, which dates to 1875, the Mercado (market), Mazatlán City Hall, and the Parque Revolution. The Angela Peralta Theater is also a wonderful sight in Old Mazatlán along with the Plaza Mechado (Machado Square).

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