Car Rentals Mexico and the Town of Tamazula

The town of Tamazula is located in the state of Durango near the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. It is possibly best-known as being the birthplace of the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria, who was president from 1824 until 1829. When you visit this town with your Mazatlan car rental, you will notice that is very small and the locals are very friendly.

Inner Mexico
Durango is found with your Mazatlan car rental on the north end of the inner zone of Mexico. It is the longest state in the country, stretching from north to south for 250 kilometers. To the north you will find the state of Chihuahua, Coahuila to the northeast, Zacatecas to the southeast, Nayarit and Jalisco to the south, and Sinaloa to the west.

While you are visiting the area with your Mazatlan car rental you may want to check out the following places to visit:

• Ceballos
• Durango (the capital city)
• El Salto
• Gomez Palacio
• La Ciudad
• Mapimi
• Zone of Silence

Enter Silence
The Zona del Silencio is interesting in that certain parts of the area do not entreat radio or electromagnetic waves. This is also an area where meteorites frequently fall, so watch out!

The entrance to the Zona is Ceballos, where you can find the Desert ortoise, the only place in the world where one can be found. The area is also focused on the study and conservation of plants and animals.

Gomez Palacio City was founded in 1898 and offers a culture house where you can learn more about the area when you visit with your Mazatlan car rental, a museum of modern art and exposition of the Revolution, the Santa Rosa Ex-hacienda. Throughout the year there is La Santa Cruz and the Popular Fair, which are large celebrations in the city and fun to visit.

La Ciudad has the Mexiquillo Natural Park, which is the main attraction to visit with your Mazatlan car rental when you come to this small town.

Mapimi is a very old city in Mexico, going back to the Jesuit missions. There is the Jesuit Mission of Mapimi and the Santiago Apostol Temple within the city, as well as the Hanging Bridge of Ojuela only three kilometers away with your Mazatlan car rental, which is the third largest bridge of its kind in Latin America.

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