Car Rental Mexico and the VW Pointer

If you're looking for a compact and comfortable vehicle to drive as your upcoming car rental in Mexico, AGA Rent-A-Car recommends reserving the very stylish Volkswagen Pointer! This small car is the perfect vehicle for maneuvering busy Mexican streets, allowing you to dodge in and out of traffic like a local driver! Designed as a family car, the Volkswagen Pointer is based after the American Ford Escort, providing foreign drivers with a familiar driving atmosphere. The Volkswagen Pointer is the perfect vehicle for individuals, couples or small families looking for a car rental in Mexico so don't delay and reserve yours today! Available as a five-door hatchback, the VW Pointer is a great economical car rental, designed to make the most of your Mexico vacation. With plenty of room and loads of power, this little automobile is sure to make any Mexican road trip an exciting adventure!

About the VW Pointer
The following details about the Volkswagen Pointer are based on comparable specs from the European Ford Escort model. Some of the following details may not appear exactly as described on your upcoming Mexican car rental.

The Volkswagen pointer compact car is a rear-wheel drive, manual vehicle designed to make driving your car rental in Mexico that much easier. With available power steering, electric windows, airbags and antilock brakes, the VW Pointer is a great automobile for anyone looking to hit the road during their upcoming Mexican vacation! Some models even feature air conditioning, so be sure to contact AGA Rent-A-Car for model availability! The VW Pointer is a well-built dependable automobile, crafted exclusively for the roads of Central America, so go ahead and let it rip! Exceptional ride and handling are two trademark features of the Volkswagen name, so you can expect nothing less from this outstanding automobile. Whether you're cruising through the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, or checking out the sights in Culiacan, the VW Pointer is the best car rental in Mexico!

The Perfect Vehicle for the Thrifty Traveler
If you're looking to conserve cash on your upcoming trip to Mexico, AGA Rent-A-Car strongly recommends reserving the Volkswagen Pointer! This economical vehicle is great on gas, and at approximately $12 a day, it's a real steal! Splitting the cost of this vehicle four ways between friends is a great way to save money on your upcoming trip, without sacrificing the convenience and mobility of a car. Big enough for a small family, yet intimate enough for an individual traveler, the VW Pointer is the perfect set of wheels for anyone in need of a car rental in Mexico!

Things to Do in your Upcoming VW Pointer Rental
If you're interested in reserving the Volkswagen Pointer as your upcoming Mexican car rental, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests embarking on the following adventures!

1. Kick back and enjoy the sights along the Golden Zone Beaches! If you're planning on renting the VW Pointer AGA strongly recommends that you park it along the popular beaches in party capital of Mexico - Mazatlan! This area is overflowing with exciting entertainment ideas, so go ahead and drive on over in your VW Pointer!
2. Take an afternoon to smell the flowers at the Botanical Park Sinaloa in Los Mochis! This scenic garden is the perfect place to park your car rental in Mexico, providing visitors with stunning views and one-of-a-kind photo opportunities!
3. Take a trip to the Sinaloa state capital - Culiacan! The city of Culiacan is a must see attraction during your upcoming trip to Mexico, so what better way to see it than in your VW Pointerrental!

If the VW Pointer rental from AGA Rent-A-Car seems a little too tiny for your liking, don't worry! AGA is proud to provide visitors with a variety of exciting rental options so please, continue to browse are selection!

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