Car Rentals Mazatlan and Water Sports in Mazatlan

If you love the beach, you're going to love vacationing in Mazatlan! Mazatlan is Mexico's premier water sport location, providing visitors with tons of wet and wild activities. From sunbathing and snorkeling to banana boat riding and Jet Ski adventures, Mazatlan is the place to be for endless summer fun. Water sports are a daily attraction in Mazatlan, thanks to endless beaches and exciting waves. Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) vacationers staying in the Golden Zone will find an array of exciting water sports at their finger tips thanks to in-hotel services, like water parks, boat rentals, and neighboring tour operators. A walk along the beach in Mazatlan will provide you with everything from parasailing apparatus to scuba diving tanks, so be sure to check it out during your upcoming stay! AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to take part in some of the following water sports during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazaltan) vacation:

1. Snorkeling: Exciting aquatic environments are waiting for you just below the waters surface, so go ahead and check it out during your upcoming afternoon at the beach. Brightly colored fished, soft coral, lobster and even octopus are proud to call the waterways of Mazatlan home, providing inquisitive visitors with plenty of underwater exploration opportunities. Personal attention and bilingual guides can be found strewn across the beaches so grab some fellow renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadaros de autos Mazatlan) and book your watery adventure today!
2. Jet Skiing: Beginners and experiences Jet Skiiers are invited to ride the waves here in Mazatlan during your upcoming vacation. Many of the local resorts offer private Jet Ski rentals, so be sure to enquire when making your upcoming accommodation arrangements. All riders are required to follow certain operating rules when riding a Jet Ski in Mazatlan so be sure to request a safety briefing before suiting up.
3. Velero Boating: Velero's are one of the world's easiest boats to sail, so go ahead and reserve your ride today. Built atop to pontoons and propelled by a large sail, Velero's are perfect for practically any type of sailor. Sturdy and stable these rentals can hold between 1 and 4 renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadaros de autos Mazatlan) so be sure to invite a few friends on your upcoming Velero adventure!
4. Buceo (Mexican scuba diving): The waterways of Mazatlan are not well known as a scuba diving destination, but that doesn't mean they have no potential! Many regions of the Pacific in and around Mazatlan are unexplored, providing Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) divers with tons of exciting sights and sounds. Professional diving services and certification courses are currently available throughout the area, so go ahead and book your dive today!
5. Kayaking: Kayaking adventures are a popular way to see the coastal sights of Mazatlan, so go ahead and reserve you're boat today! Kayak rentals come in one and two person setups, providing plenty of room for you and a fellow Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) friend.
6. Boogie Boarding: Kids and adults alike love to boogie board along the Mazatlan coast, so go ahead and reserve your board today! Name brand, hard bottom boogie boards are available for rent all over the place, so be sure to toss a few in the back of your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de auto Mazatlan).
7. Paracaidas (parasailing): Invented in Acapulco, parasailing is one of the area's most popular and sought after water sport. Companies offer exciting ten minute rides along the coast, providing flyers with an exciting view of the city's coastline. One and two person parasailing harnesses are available.
8. Banana Boat Rides: Are you looking to have some fun with some fellow renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) during your upcoming vacation? If so, book some time on a banana boat! These boats can hold up to five people, providing tons of thrills and often spills! Suitable for all ages, these banana shaped boats are guaranteed fun, so come on out and ride one today!

Making reservations for any one of these activities is easy, almost as easy as making reservations of cars in Mazatlan (reservaciones de autos Mazatlan)! Simply take a stroll down the beach – exciting activities await you at every turn!

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