Mexico Car Rental and Zacatecas

Think Sinaloa is the only state worth visiting in Mexico? Well, think again! Mexico car rental customers will find even more excitements just a few miles away in Zacatecas. One of Mexico's 31 constituent states, Zacatecas is located in the north-central region, just to the east of Sinaloa. While the area is best known for its rich deposits of silver ore, Zacatecas is also a hub of colonial architecture and modern entertainment. The state is also praised for its low crime rate, making it one of the safest places to visit in all of Mexico. Road trips to the state of Zacatecas are tons of fun, so why not plan to check it out during your upcoming Mexico car rental vacation? Plan a visit to Zacatecas during your upcoming vacation.

What's in a name?
The name "Zacatecas" sure can be a mouthful, but just what exactly does it mean? For clarification, Mexico car rental travelers must turn to the Nahuatl language. The Nahuatl people were the region's original inhabitants before the arrival of the Spanish. The name ultimately derives itself from the Nahuatl word for a type of grass common to the area - zacatl. Originally, the area was called Zacatlan, but that was changed to reflect the inhabitants' name of Zacatecas.

Gas up your Mexico car rental - you've got place to go and people to meet
The state of Zacatecas is home to a number of vibrant vacation locations, including a densely populated city of Fresnillo. The capital of Zacatecas is referred to by the same name - Zacatecas. This city is by far the most tourist oriented, providing Mexico car rental travelers with plenty of great attractions. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Zacatecas is home to some of the nation's best examples of colonial style buildings, complete with cobblestone streets and wrought-iron lanterns. Another great tourist destination is the city of Sombrete. Established in 1555 as a small village, Sombrete is now the fifth most populous city in the state. It is also considered one of the most beautiful thanks to beautiful old churches, and touristic forests. Jerez de Garcia Salinas, a city near the capital, is another place worth visiting. One visit and it's easy to see why this locale was designated a National Monument more than 20 years ago. Colonia buildings and churches of both the Santuario and Parroquial style are prominent throughout the city. Other places worth exploring in your Mexico car rental include Sierra de Organos, Sierra de Cardos and Altavista.

Fantastic folklore
Traditions and festivals are deeply rooted in Zacatecas, providing the area with a friendly, festive feel all year round. One of the most telling signs of this dedication is the Andanza dancers located in the capital. Also known as the Tamborazos Zacatecanos, these performers are part of the famous "Callejonadas." The performers sing and stroll through the city streets, all while wearing bright costumes and listening to rhythmic music. This music is often accompanied by the sound of "barretos," which are simply large chisels being hit by mallets. Story has it, that miners used to come out and play these instruments every Saturday afternoon, right after collecting their pay for the week.

Watch out for the weather!
Mexico car rental travelers are encouraged to pack a sweater or two when visiting Zacatecas. The weather here is mostly cold compared to the rest of the nation. Temperatures range from 50 Fahrenheit to 70 Fahrenheit. This cool temperature is the reason why so many residents have the habitat of reciting the following phrase: "in Zacatecas there are only two stations (station is another word for season) - the train station and the winter station (season)."

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